Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Looks Can Be Deceiving...

James and I were admiring the beautiful blossoms that we FINALLY have seen in northern Minnesota (we thought the day would never come)!  They looked so sweet smelling, that I had to take in all their sweet-smelling glory! 
I stuck my nose right up to branch and took the deepest breath I could.
OH MY WORD!! Eeewww!
Here is what happened (for those who are visual people):
            1...                                                      2...                                                   3...               
Those blossoms looked sweet smelling, but as soon as I took a deep breath, I realized their true colors! Looks sure CAN be deceiving! 
Just for warning you here...to admire your blossoms from a far, unless you are into the smelly ones! :)
Plus, I have 20/20 eye seat, so if you thought I needed to wear these glasses because of a prescription, I deceived you.....
but DIDN'T MEAN TOO!!!  I just think glasses rock....so yes, a little unnecessary! But they are fun, right!!
Target Wedges(last summer), Target skinnies(last fall),
Target long sleeve(I know...it's summer),
JCPenney tunic top(old!!), Eagle necklace(my mom),
Chain necklace(a little hospital boutique),
Glasses(purchased from blogger Elaine from ClothedMuch)

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