Friday, June 28, 2013


taken on the road, of course.
 ...the obvious thing to say! ;)
We are going out west, to do what's best!
James and I are finally taking a REAL vacation.  The kind that is consists of a week, sleeping at roadsides (glamorous, I know), and enjoying TIME TOGETHER!  We are so thankful for Nate & Aimee, and Kathy & Troy who will be babysittin' Rainey for the week! 
Also, thank you Jeremy and Charity and the huge blessing this is!  THANK YOU! THANK YOU!
We knew that the time has come where James and I both needed to spend some serious time away from all the lovely things we are so proud to be a part of! :) But, we have come to realize that to strengthen a relationship and to keep things in check, sometimes you just HAVE to get away from the norm.  We both are very excited for these next 7 days! They are going to be a lot of just him & me, driving, hiking, rafting, riding..........excited, HOLY COW!  No seriously....we are going to see lots of cows as we drive on by! ;) I say this and am writing this, I hope James is ready to put up with me and my silly ol' jokes! Love this dude! Love this time!

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