Thursday, June 20, 2013

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

Hey! This is Awkward & Awesome Thursday!
It's where I post about awkward and awesome moments in this little thing called life!
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Someone comes up to you for your assistance after you secretly just DEVOURED a powdered sugar donut (with lemon custard cream).  You go through the entire conversation smoothly, thinking you absolutely got away with it, until they leave and you notice powdered sugar all over your skirt.  Hopefully there was eye-to-eye contact, and not eye-to-skirt.

When you have to go to the bathroom while watching a movie at a theater.  You just don’t want to miss anything, but know that you should never embarrass yourself by having an accident at your adult age.  So, you quickly sprint in and out of the theatre doors (like that is not awkward) and run down the long hallway, only to notice the two ticket attendants ahead of you… you kind of slow down to a light jog and pretend that everything is normal.  Then once you pass them, you sprint again.  You know they were wondering…did the movie freak her out? or does she REALLY have to go? You all have been there, don’t lie!

You have to ask a friend to check and see if your athletic spandex pants are ‘see through’ like, “when I bend over like this?” Only, there are at least 30+ people around and I am sure at least one of them is wondering what I am doing.  Asking anyone that question, is just uncomfortable, but you have to ask a good friend that you trust, so you don’t just keep on showing the world everything you got!  You know!

Paying through the drive-thru at McDonalds for the coffee you ordered as you are eating Hardees.  And saying, “Have a great day” with a mouth full of their competitors food because you are trying to be polite but then talking with food in your mouth.  Wow! Double bad.

(Talking about bathrooms again, sorry!) Being at my desk at work which is right in between two separate  bathrooms.  Let’s just say, it is not as awkward for me, but if they all knew the walls were so thin…you get the picture. :/ 


Two hours after I ate that powdered sugar donut (I talked about above), I ate another bakery item!  Bad for me? Most likely.  Awesome? Most Definitely!

James is officially done, done, done with classes for this semester.  This means a summer with no papers and lots more time with friends and the outdoors... Booyah!

We are going on vacation in 8 days!  Headed out West and can’t be more excited to take a summer road trip.  I better start packing tonight, because it takes this lady FOR----EVER to figure out what I need to bring, not just what I want to bring.  I’ll forget something. 
On the other hand, James ROCKS!!!... All he needs is 15 minutes and he is done!  LOTS of credit given to that man.  But we have been married almost 4 YEARS and he hasn’t shared his secrets on HOW!! Come on, dude!

James calling every morning just to make sure I got up, let Rainey out, and…………say, “I love you!”  I don’t care what you think...I live for this romantic, mushy stuff!  He knows me!

Pizza & Juicing…but not together!  James and I enjoy a slice or more here and there.  We also have been enjoying all the juicing we have been doing lately: veggies, fruit, and a juicer…BOOM!  It seems I REALLY crave anything pizza flavored though…most of all, the real thing.  Just make sure you never try to put a slice of the good stuff in a juicer…it won’t work.  No. I didn’t do it! But, there probably was one or more times I thought about it.  Just not going to happen.  Pizza and I have a very respectful relationship. 

YOU are awesome…for stopping by TisforTiffany and showing some love!  I read every comment and every email.  This Internet thing is a pretty amazing place to share life with so many other people I like to call friends.  I am not alone! …and it is a real treat. 

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