Tuesday, January 1, 2013


Happy New Year!!!
What does this mean for you?
May this year bring new adventures, new memories, new outlook, new opportunities!  I am looking forward to this year and all God has in store for James and I.  I hope you find new joy today....the first day of the year 2013!
I'm currently sitting at my computer waiting for James to come home from a 16 hour shift.  Our year end/weekend consisted of buying a new toilet and sink for our downstairs, only then to discover plumbing problems in the middle of installation.  I won't say much more than it really stinks to be stuck in a situation like that! :) Thankfully, it was the weekend and I had yesterday and today off to cleanup.  Maybe my chalkboard should say....
New toilet.
New problem. 
New appreciation for plumbers.
  Oh, I can't explain it and I'm sure you would appreciate me not explaining it anyways! :) 
Thankful for new days and BLEACH! :)
Much love,

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  1. Oh no!!! Thank goodness for that bleach :-)

    Happy New Year, Tiff!!