Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Grey. Grey. Grey.

Hat: Walmart, Skirt: Gap, Shirt/Tunic: Cabi, Necklace: Gifted from Sister B

Grey. Grey. Grey.
Need I explain this outfit more!
I have been in simplifying mode over here and it looks as if it is flowing into my wardrobe, as well!  :)
I mean......
NO color = grey hat, grey shirt, grey necklace, and grey skirt!
NO makeup = you can see my every wrinkle, crease, pore, and all the rosiness glory!....and I'm not ashamed!
NO shoes = okay, I can't lie...I have shoes on but you just can't see them. But, don't worry, even my shoes are....you got it.....GREY! 

There is just something about this time of year that gets me in high gear to clean and make everything look slick and tidy!  For example, as soon as I am done writing this post, I am going to get my duster and Clorox wipes out and give this keyboard a scrub!...and I so greatly like it when things don't only look clean, but feel clean - good feeling to the touch...like this shirt.  It feels silky smooth.  This skirt feels like silk pj's and this faux fur blanket I just bought (that you can't see) feels like a cloud.  Wow....this blanket is even grey!! Do I have a color issue these days, or what?! ....and as soon as I am done writing this post....I may just go paint something grey, who knows!   Color...come save me! :)


  1. I wear so much gray it's kind of ridiculous sometimes. Every time I shop I am automatically drawn to gray things... I love your beanie and that shirt has such an awesome print!


  2. loving the maxi! you totally rock it!
    xo Jessica