Tuesday, January 8, 2013

So here is the plan!

Sunnies, Faux Fur Snood, Tights, & Flats from Target - Sweater Dress from Herberger's - Denim Jacket from Guess Outlet

So here is the plan! James and I are going to try to get to the slopes at least once before Spring gets here! Yay!
We aren't skiers by any means, unless it is cross country.
We aren't cross-country tubers either, because who likes to have to scoot themselves on tubes, across snowy plains...that just sounds exhausting!
But, we ARE going to try and enjoy some snow boarding like we each did before we knew each other.  It's funny how much change happens in your life overtime,...especially when you get married.  Marriage is a way to self evaluate and sift through to find what is important to you and your spouse.  Snowboarding was NOT on the top of either of our lists of necessary things to do.  But, with that said, we are going to try something new to "us" and why not it be a Board Date!?
Please don't get that confused with a boring date, those aren't exciting at all!!!
We are going to work together and try to fit in a time to board down some snow!

We DID agree that if our snowboarding consists of lots of falling downhill, bruises, and thrown-out backs....we will go back to cross country skiing, cross country snowshoeing, or cross country downhill tubing....  

Now the only question is....WHEN?!   Oh bother....

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  1. Oh, Tiff. I would die if I ever went skiing/snowboarding...whatever!!! Have fun, though :-) I know you will!