Friday, December 21, 2012

Would you take my hand and skate with me?

 James and I found a night this week that was emptied of plans and full of time together.  We stirred with ideas in our heads, but wanted to do something we don't have the chance to do on a regular basis!  So.............of course SKATING was it!  It was cold enough but not too cold, and the earlier in the season we skated, the better!  When it gets cold in northern Minnesota IT. GETS. COLD. I tell ya!  We dusted off our skates and headed to one of the area's public ice rinks.
It was intimidating to see kids 15 years younger then me twirling and cruising on the ice like it was nothin'.   I was lucky to have not fallen and bruised a hip or something!  Those kids......the dedication and time they practiced to be better on the ice!  Their parents and all the time and effort they put in to help their kids along with their passion of skating (or hockey) was evident. 
Though I was never a skater, it reminded me of all the trips, time, and money my mom and dad put into my passion of volleyball.  If only I understood that back then....would I have thanked them more and appreciated them more?  I guess that is what growing up is all about...learning to appreciate people more.  It is never too late to appreciate someone and that is what I get to do now.  Thanks mom and dad (& sisters too!) for encouraging me and my passion of volleyball, and all my passions today!  I'm thankful for James too and how he encourages me in our marriage and ministry that God has called us to!  James, thanks for taking my hand and skating with me. 
I appreciate it!
XO,  Tiff
P.S. SOOOOOOOOOO appreciating the chance to head home to Wisconsin this weekend. 
I am looking forward to Christmas with those I appreciate! :)

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