Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The way to his heart...

So, poor James ended up getting the same severe cold I had.  Sad, yes!  Friday night, all he needed was some down time.  With this down time, nothing feels better than taking care of him....maybe it is just a wife thing....I don't really know?!  The care he needed was to fill his stomach with comfort foods and give him the comfiest spot on the couch. 
So this is what happened!!!!:

1.  Chicken in a Biskit,  
2.  Chicken, Bacon, & Ranch pizza and................
3.  Enough Dr. Pepper to last the weekend (more than two glasses were required!)

You know how they say it, "The way to their heart is through their stomach!" 
Let's just say I made it straight to his heart as fast as you can say, "Honey, look what I brought you!"  ..............He was smitten!

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