Friday, December 14, 2012

We found "the one"

 We searched far and wide; deep into the forest.....okay, more like we drove down one road for a few miles and stepped maybe 30 feet into the woods & ditches...........but we found it!  Ain't she a beauty?!
She's James' and my very first, real Christmas tree!  James and I never expected to be able to take an afternoon with the family and pick out our very own!  There were so many options but we went for her.  And by the sounds of it.....I guess it's a girl!  Who ever knew that trees were boys or girls....I must just have this thought in my mind that our firsts are going to be girls:
1st dog - girl
1st tree - girl
           1st kid - hmmmm....
We must be having a girl.........HOLD UP....not until I get impregnated! 
....And we probably will have at least a couple Christmas trees to find before that little girl (or boy) comes along! ;)
Someday pretty baby........someday!
Until then, I hope to have more "Christmas tree searching" days like this one...with "the ONES" I love:
Check back in later, as I share a picture of "the one" ......all beautiful and bright! :)
xo, Tiff



  1. That looks like fun but it looks sooooo cold! It's the week before Christmas and it's gonna be almost 80* here in Texas. Snow sounds awesome though. Merry Christmas to all the Nelsons!

    1. And Merry Christmas to You all! Wishing we could make it down there.....80 degrees sounds great! :)