Monday, April 29, 2013

Ready for the week!

Good Monday Morning to ya!  Boy oh boy did that weekend fly by, or what!!?
James and I were blessed enough to have my mom, dad, and grandma come visit us for the weekend!  We love that time with them sooooooo much!  We eat, we laugh, and James realizes where I get my goofiness from!  :)
Saturday we were able to give them the experience of a lifetime:............a walk and shop through the largest white elephant sale known to man (or at least known to us up here on the range)!  By the time the doors opened, all the good stuff was sold in minutes, except for the doors themselves!! So, we snatched up a great deal on a door for our basement.  James has an amazing idea in store for it and we are excited!  I will have to take pictures of the process and share a DIY post on the transformation, when that project happens!!
Dad and James did some "drum gear" shopping on Saturday and the ladies stayed home.  I wasn't feeling too good for a little part of the weekend, but I am so glad my mom was there.  She is so caring and knows how to make any of her girls feel better! Thanks Mom! 
Once James and Dad made it back from their "gold mine" of a find, we had some dinner and
tried one of Grandma's new recipes: Hillbilly Casserole!  I will definitely be sharing that recipe soon!
Sunday was sweet!  We all had lunch with James' mom and dad & Gerald and Phyllis! It was lovely to have that time with everyone and eating at Sammy's Pizza made it all the more perfect!! :) The rest of Sunday was spent resting, grocery shopping for the week, making homemade bread (it is best with a little Grape Jam, if I do say so myself), taking Rainey on a walk, and playing Scrabble as a family.
It was just a wonderful weekend and I feel refreshed and ready for what this week will bring! 
How about you?!  I hope you are ready for what this week will bring too!
Blessings to you!

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