Wednesday, April 24, 2013

I see it.

I have been gone from this "e-space" for some time, but I am back and have such a sweet sense of rest and peace within. Do you know that feeling I am talking about? When you take a moment to breath and renew and rediscover things. It isn't just because of this beautiful season called Spring, even though I am sure that helps. :) Just such a sweet thing it is, like the smell of magnolia blossoms, from what I hear. We aren't able to see the beautiful blossoms upnorth yet, but soon that day will come!

So, I haven't spoken of it much, but James is back in school now for the next 2 years.  He is taking evening classes after work and going through ministry training.  Therefore, we see a little less of eachother, but when he comes home at night....I SEE IT.  I see that the man is where he NEEDS to be, right now...studying his heart out to go deeper, to know the Lord like he never has before, and to interpret this calling that God has placed on his life.  God is amazing in His timing and the way He reveals His will for our lives.  It is sweet, indeed.  There is something beautiful about it and I can't really explain.  To be stretched in our marriage like we never have been before is challenging, but I know it is equipping us for what our next season of ministry will look like....whatever that will be.  I'm just grateful to see these things come into bloom: new sense of peace, love, hope, and passion in life. 
It has allowed me to trust God greater than I ever have. 

'Tis so sweet to trust in Him.

May this season be one of new beginnings and sweet peace for you! :)


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