Thursday, October 24, 2013

Things you do that you never realized everyone else does.

On a long road trip when you drive with the same cars for miles.  You think of them as your companions and you feel a little sad as you exit the highway. Except there’s that one guy (we all have seen one like him) who is always picking his nose when you drive by.  He shall not be missed.

You still unconsciously think the 90’s are ten years ago. Yup.

You immediately go back and read an email after you hit send, just to make sure the words you wrote are what you meant to write. And that it sent it. And what time it sent………oh goodness.

When you are on a long phone call, you pace around your house.  Sometimes you move random things from one spot to the next, and can’t find them later….but most of the time you just pace around.

You set your alarm earlier than you need to, just so you can press snooze 4, 5, or 6 times. I surprisingly fall back to sleep after each snooze, but then it feels like I didn’t sleep through the night. I should stop this.

When you shop around a store for an hour and don’t buy anything, you start to think that security thinks you’re a shoplifter.  I’m the kind of person that if I don’t have a list made of what I need, I spend 25 minutes in the breakfast isle, trying to figure out which cereal to buy. Then I get frustrated and leave with nothing.  Wasted time, my friends. Wasted time.  Then I get home and realize I have 4 unused but opened cereal boxes in my cubbard, because I raaaaarely eat breakfast anyways. :)

You put your music on shuffle and skip to the songs you wanted to hear anyways. Guilty.

You wipe off your cell phone screen to make sure all the marks are going in the same direction…or in a cool pattern, at least, or a smiley face. :)

You immediately forget someone’s name right after they introduced themselves. Sorry. I am getting better though Travis?, Justin?, Matthew?….next time I’ll remember.

You sometimes talk to people as if they already heard the context of what was going on inside your head. I start conversations with James like this more often than I would like to admit, and he’s like, “What!?” His face is confused and kind of looks like this: (   :/   )  

or this:
James and his long locks. LOVE this silly man!

If you want to read the whole list of things you do that everyone else does, and you have time to kill……you can check it out here.

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  1. The pacing the house...yes! And the skipping songs just to hear the ones you want to hear...yes!! this list!