Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Tights: wear them when you're cool!

dress, sweater, & tights: Target, heals: thrifted!

I am pretty sure tights were the worst things any young girl ever had/has to wear.  They bunched up. They fell down.  You wear them once and then you get a hole on the knee while you were swinging on the mokeybars, or something.  Then your mom tried to stop the hole from getting worse by putting some clear nail polish on it....Have you been there!?  You know what I'm talking about, right!?
Well, then why is it that all of a sudden, I love them?  Was there a certain date when all of a sudden it clicked in my brain,
"Tiff, you now love tights"...?  Do you think it could be due to the colder weather? Probably, yes! 
But seriously...I really could wear them any day in any color.  
I thought I would be extra daring and start out with .......tan (tan legs are not what is going on here...they look like my normal skin color...white!).  But I do have them in black, brown, and wait for it.......................GREEN!  Yup! Maybe I'm wearing tights 'cause it's winter and
maybe I bought green tights because I am dreaming of fresh, green grass and spring blossoms. 
Do you remember what grass looks like? Man, I'm antsy for spring.  Are you?!

Until good 'ol spring comes, I'm probably going to wear out my tights if you don't mind...now where's my clear nail polish?


  1. Oh I've definitely done the clear nail polish thing!!

    These ones are so cute, Tiff!

  2. First off, i LOVE your outfit! I'm am an avid Target shopper myself and love to see that others are as well. Way to rock a dress in the winter! I love dresses and it's so hard sometimes to make them "wintery", tights i've found are a great way, but like you said they get a hole in them after wearing them once.. i'm new to the blog world so just stopping by!